Porcelain Veneers in Albertson, NY

These are custom made porcelain shells for your teeth that are paper-thin. They can be made from other materials, but the most popular of them is porcelain.

As they are custom made they can cover any gaps, unevenness, crookedness or chips in your teeth.


Roslyn Heights, NY Dental Implants

These are normally a good idea if you have lost teeth or have severely damaged teeth. The implants will include titanium rods, which will imitate the lost root and keep your new tooth in a fixed position.


Cosmetic Bonding in Roslyn, NY

This involves covering the tooth in a material which is very similar to the tooth color but is used to improve your natural tooth’s exterior appearance. However, it can also replace any bits of your teeth that you may have lost; for example, if you have chipped or damaged your tooth.